Are you a fresher in the corporate world? 20 best tips to survive

Are you a fresher in the corporate world? 20 best tips to survive


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Fresher in the corporate world is like some alien have landed in a corporate office. They have no idea as in how to proceed, whom to meet with, how to behave, whom to talk and whom not to all these questions baffle him a lot. So before you unpack your stuff in your new cabin, you should be clear with all the do's and dont's of surviving as a fresher because all are not so lucky to get a helping mentor as a senior. Therefore you should be ready with some tips to help yourself in such a situation.


1.PUNCTUAL: One thing you should always remember is to be on time in office, it should not be the other way round that your boss is waiting for you to arrive. You have to learn to be an early bird.

2. LOOK PRESENTABLE: Looking handsome and beautiful is not the only thing required, but apart from that you should be presentable and well turned out. You should be clean and hygienic. As there is a saying that the first impression is the last impression.

3. ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE: You should always have that smile on your face because a smiling face attracts people to help you when you need it. 

4. KNOW YOUR COMPANYLearn as much as you can about your company, you should be fully aware about the policies & the functionality of your company.

5. START BUILDING RELATIONSHIPSAs soon you have learnt who's who try to build relationship with them, offer to help them to maintain that relationship.

6. AVOID GOSSIP SESSIONSAlways remember that talking too much on baseless topics distracts you from your work, so avoid talking too much in office. Save those gossips for after office hours.

7. MAINTAIN PROFESSIONALISMCorporate world is a world which requires you to be professional at every level. Your professionalism will be counted more than anything else.

8. LEARN TO SAY 'NO': As you are a fresher and many people in the office would be taking advantage of this, so you should learn to say no if you find a work inappropriate.

9. BE FRIENDLY BUT DON'T BE OVER FRIENDLY: You are here for your personal career growth not for making friend. You will meet all sorts of people, may it be good ones, bad ones, mean ones so maintain a cordial relation with all instead of being over friendly with anyone. Don't let anyone take advantage of your friendship.

10. FOLLOW YOUR SENIORSMake your seniors your role models, they are experienced people you can learn a lot from them. Try to follow the footstep of your senior to reach their level.

11. TAKE RISKSSince you are new and you don't have much responsibility over you so it is the best time to take risks and learn new things. The more risks you will take the more you will learn.

12. ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU STARTMake sure you have clear idea with whatever work you are provided with, if you are not clear regarding it, then it is highly recommended to ask your doubts about it at the very beginning only so that you do not turn your work into a disaster with less information about it.

13. TAKE CRITICISM WITH A SMILESince you are new so it is expected that you will crack mistakes. It is better that you take criticism with a smile because it will be for your good only as you know that criticism is a step to success.

14. WORK SMART, NOT HARDIf you want to achieve big in the corporate world, then always remember to work smartly. Try to learn new things quickly and smartly rather than working hard on it for the whole day. Because what counts in the end is smart work not hard work.

15. TIME MANAGEMENT: The best way to complete all your tasks on a specified date is a proper time management. As soon as you reach office the very first thing you should do is to prepare a rough layout of how to manage your time as this is the best way of completing for work on time and live stress free.

16. LEARN TO MEET DEADLINESDeadlines are provided to complete a task at a specific time period, always remember to meet those deadlines as completing your work on time will show how responsible you are towards your work .

17. BE A TEAM PLAYERLearn to work in a team, team work is the best way to be automatically liked by all. Good coordination with all your teammates show your team spirit skills.

18. RESPECT FOR ALLYou should respect everyone in the office, even if you don't like them, may it be a senior or a junior; respect is demanded by all.

19. DON'T TAKE LEAVE TOO OFTENDon't take leaves too often until and unless there is an emergency. Taking leaves too often will not give a positive image of your personality.

20. RESPECT THE PROTOCOLS OF YOUR COMPANY: Every company has some protocols or code of conducts which they expect their employees to follow. As a fresher always remember that you are aware of your company protocols so that you can follow them.


Your first job is important as they are the baby steps to the successful corporate life. So work smartly & carefully. Corporate offices may be confusing, but with the time you will start to gel with it. Plan your each step wisely.

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Mona is a passionate writer and a voracious reader. Her experience has been across diverse industry segments - animation, VFX, education industry and management consulting. She loves travelling and photography.

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