What makes for a successful mobile App?

What makes for a successful mobile App?

 Deepanshu Rajora

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Want to start making money from your Android Apps. Here, we have populated a list of key points to keep in mind when developing your android app, so as to make a buzz.

With so many Android apps soaring high in the market, it might just seem a piece of cake to the lay person in regards to an Android app development. If you are planning to develop and deploy an Android app with the objective of branding, generating revenue or engaging target audiences keep in mind these features:

1) Keep it Simple

  • A very important factor in Android app development, is that it should be as simple as simple could be.
  • It may be hard to reach, but the result is worth it - users will have no reason to switch to another app.
  • Whatever the functionality is - the simpler it's delivered, the better for you. 
  • People are more interested in the functionality part rather than looks.
  • All the content should be accessed in the simplest way possible.


2) A well-placed Feedback System

  • Feedback means be open to everyone and engage clients into mutual communication. 
  • Incorporating a feedback button also shows the app developer respects a user’s opinions and is open to carrying out modifications.
  • This also enhances respect in the minds of users.


3) Full offline functionality

  • Naturally, there are apps that must fully rely in its main functions on Internet connection.
  • There can be features that are preferable to be kept for online.
  • But if you are bent on delivering a happy user experience your app should be functional offline.


4) Make it Touch Sensitive

  • An outstanding app is the one with an ability to be spontaneously usable without straining the users’ attention and this can be delivered by ‘touch support’. 
  • If you want guaranteed success for your application; just concentrate completely on ‘touch support’. 
  • This is not about keeping in touch but about providing touch sensitive buttons.


5) Updates

  • Developing an Android app is not just putting together the nuts and bolts of code; it is a full-fledged project.
  • The world is coming really fast and to keep up with it; one needs to be exceptionally quick in updating the existing versions. 
  • Ensure that your content is made up of up-to-date, relevant information.
  • Besides content, it is vital to further update the app with fixes and new features in case of necessity.


6) Social media integration

  • Primary aim of your Android app should be to provide supreme UX; so ensure to provide an easy sign-in access.
  • For example, Popular Android apps use Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or Google+  accounts for sign ins. 
  • Custom sign-ins could be installed but must have a provision for recalling usernames and passwords.


7) Focus on the main functionality

  • The most popular apps simply focus on an interface that provides immense usability, makes the app more intuitive, open, and business-like. 
  • You are developing the app to make things easy for your users – So, don’t focus on creating a jaw-dropping artistic masterpiece – you are not making an eye-candy. 
  • Feedbacks will give you indications about features to discard or include.


8) Analytics

  • Essential as air, this feature allows to track users, and get the full information about user behavior.
  • On the basis of this information you might see, in which way to upgrade the app.


9) Relevance

  • Irrelevancy is a killer – Make sure that the app content should be something that is an extension of your website. 
  • So, don’t get into developing mobile experiences which is a mere reflection of a web browser. 
  • A garment store could, for example, deploy an app that helps users mix and match colors and see the effect or an app that would give equivalents of international sizes.


10) Security 

  • This issue is vital to many apps.
  • It is one of the first topics of discussion between you and software developers.
  • No leaks of the users' private information are allowed.


Developers generally advise making mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms, for maximizing their chances of success. A perfectly good app can fail, if people are not aware of its existence! However, app developers who incorporate these points definitely have more chances of tasting success than those who don’t.

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What makes for a successful mobile App?

Want to start making money from your Android Apps. Here, we have populated a...
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