Current Market Scenario of Android
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Current Market Scenario of Android

Android is ruling the world of smart phone market, It owns almost 85 percent of market share according to new Strategy Analytic research. As far as price is considered it could be possible that IOS may lose the game. Also android is easily available and has affordable in price as it ranges from 2K to 80K. So it provides choices to android user that is why user will prefer android over any other technologies.

Its low-cost service with great features and user-friendly software will remain widely attractive to hardware makers. People first think of android phones just because of its cost, services and GUI (Graphical User Interface) and these things make android beast in today’s world.

One of the major factors in determining the success of a smart phone platform is the applications that support it. Applications play a very vital role in determining whether a new platform swims or sinks. In addition, making these applications accessible to the general user is extremely important.

As such, in August 2008, Google announced the Android Market, an online application store for Android devices, and made it available to users in October 2008. Using the Market application that is preinstalled on their Android device, users can simply download third-party applications directly onto their devices. Both paid and free applications are supported on the Android Market, though paid applications are available only to users in certain countries due to legal issues. Similarly, in some countries, users can buy paid applications from the Android Market, but developers cannot sell in that country. As an example, at the time of writing, users in India can buy apps from the Android Market, but developers in India cannot sell apps on the Android Market. The reverse may also be true; for example, users in South Korea cannot buy apps, but developers in South Korea can sell apps on the Android Market.


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