Using Constant Values
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Using Constant Values

Constants are the variables which can not be changed. Constants are accessable globaly and start with underscor or letter.

enlightenedConstant don't require $ to start.

Run below code on your PC or in CodeLAB.


//define constant 'Geeku' and pass a value
define ("Geeku", "Hello! Tell me what you want to learn today?");

// Print constant value
echo Geeku;


Hello! Tell me what you want to learn today?


In the above code we have used 'Geeku' as a constant variable and passed a value "Hello! Tell me what you want to learn today?

We use 'echo' to print the value of constant. In above code, the constant name is case sensitive.

For example: If we will use 'geeku' instead of 'Geeku' then it will show a PHP error that unndefined constant 'geeku' and will print 'geeku' only.

To avoid this situation, add a 'case_sensitive' valur 'True' followed by constant value.

Check below code.

define ("Geeku", "Hello! Tell me what you want to learn today?", true); //define constant 'Geeku' and pass a value with case sensitive true
echo geeku; // Print constant value by using constant name in lower case.

Now the output will be same:

Hello! Tell me what you want to learn today?



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