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Other Data Types

Now you are familier with Integer, float and string data types. In this heading we will learn about other data types we used in PHP.

Boolean Datatype

Boolean is a data type which represent only two stas True and False. It is generally used in conditional statements where we work only for one condition either True or False.

See below code:

$var1 = true
$var2 = false

In above code we have passed the values in variable. Which can be used to make decision. We will use it later in if-else statement.


Array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. For example if we have a set of people named "Anuj", "Ankur" and "Anil" then we can save them in a single variable $ppl. See below code:

$peoples = array("Anuj","Ankur","Anil");


array (size=3)
  0 => string 'Anuj' (length=4)
  1 => string 'Ankur' (length=5)
  2 => string 'Anil' (length=4)

enlightenedPHP function var_dump(), used in above code the used to return the Datatype and it's value.


An object is a PHP function which store data along with the information how to process that data. When we use an object function, we need to declare it and a class for it.

enlightenedClass is just s structure of any object. We can mention properties and methods with in class.

See below example:

class test {
    function test() {
        $this-> value1 = "String Value";

$obj = new test(); // creating new object
echo $obj->value1; // show object properties



String Value

Pass a NULL Value

If we have any variable, holding any value. In any case if we need to use that variable but don't want the value it holds then we can assign a NULL value to the variable.

See below example-

$X = 26;
var_dump($X); //This function will show you the value of variable X


int 26

Now will will pass the NULL value to variable X.

$X = 26;
$X = NULL;
var_dump($X); //This function will show you the value of variable X




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