User Defined Function
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User Defined Function

PHP function is very similar to other language functions. Function is a code block which take input parameter, process taken inputs and return a value. PHP have around 1000 built-in functions like function_exists(), func_get_arg() etc. Along with built-in functions PHP facilitate you to create your own functions.

To work on functions you just need to know how to call a built-in/created function and how to create a functions.

enlightenedA function require to call to execute it. No function execute on page load.

Creating a Function

Such functions called user define function. To create a function you need to start it with a keyword function.

Below is the syntax to create a function.

function Function_Name() {

// Code to execute when the function will be called.



Below is the example of creating a function. We will create a function for greetings.

// Creating a function
function welcome() {
echo "Welcome to the world of Geeksdemy. You have learned how to create/call a function.";

// Calling a function


Welcome to the world of Geeksdemy. You have learned how to create/call a function.


enlightenedWe need to take care of following while writing the name of a function-

  • Give the function a name that reflects what the function does
  • The function name can start with a letter or underscore (not a number)


Follow PHP official website to check all predefine functions.



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