Function with Argument
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Function with Argument

You can pass your own parameters inside a function. These parameters called arguments which are used to pass the information with in the function. To do so, you need to pass comma separated arguments inside the parenthesses OR you can use only one argument.

Let's see an example with single argument-

function android_version($version) {
    echo "Android Version $version.<br>";



Android Version Kitkat.
Android Version Lolipop.
Android Version Marshmallow.


Example with double argument i.e. I will print my Name and Birthday.

function Name_Birth($Name, $Birth) {
    echo "My name is $Name and I was born on $Birth.<br>";
Name_Birth("Anuj Kumar Saini", "February 23, 1988");


My name is Anuj Kumar Saini and I was born on February 23, 1988.


We can set a default value which called when there is no variable passed in function.

See below code-

function Name_Birth($Name = "Monu", $Birth = "August 13, 1992") {
    echo "My name is $Name and I was born on $Birth.<br>";


My name is Monu and I was born on August 13, 1992.



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