HTML Basics
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HTML Basics

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Everything in HTML is written in tags. HTML document is just a set of HTML element and content in between.

To start working on HTML we need to know HTML basics.

  • Document type: All documents should start with a document type declaration. It defines the document type and HTML version i.e.& HTML4 (recommended by W3C in 1997) or HTML5  (the current version, It was published in October 2014). For HTML5, we use Doctype HTML.
  • All HTML documents start and end with <HTML> tag.
  • <Head> section of HTML page contains the non visible part of html page. Everything inside this section will not display on webpage. You will know more about <Head> section’s use while learning further.
  • <body> section contain all the visible part of web page. While working on web pages, we make most necessary changes in content between body start<body> and body close</body>.
  • Every tag which start, need to be closed and called HTML element. HTML has only few tags which don’t need to close. For example, Horizontal rule <HR />, Line break<BR /> and Image tag <img… />. Tags which don’t need to close called Void Element.



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