Creating First HTML Page
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Creating First HTML Page

All the webpages you see on browser are HTML pages, either they are code in HTML or not. Because when we send request to server, it returns HTML page only. If we call a page coded in PHP, .Net etc then the server will convert it in HTML first and later will return to browser.

Let's create a simple HTML page with minimum use of HTML Tags-

<!DOCTYPE html>
    	<title>My HTML Page</title>
    	<p>This is my first webpage.</p>


This page will print "This is my first webpage."

Title Tag <title>: This tag used to display the title of webpage in browser. It is the content which display above the URL in browser. You can see "My First HTML Page"as a title in browser.

Paragraph Tag <p>: This tag used to write a paragraph in webpage. Maximum web content is written using <p> tag.



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