HTML Entities and Symbols
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HTML Entities and Symbols

Some characters in HTML have special meaning. These characters can not be used in code. For example, in your HTML code you can not use less then and greater then sign. To use these sign you need to use entity name or number code for that entitiy. Format to use entity name and number is &entity_name and &#netity_number respectively.

For example, to write greater then sign we will write < or <

Some commonly used characters are as below-

Result Description Entity Name Entity Number
  non-breaking space    
< less than &lt; &#60;
> greater than &gt; &#62;
& ampersand &amp; &#38;
¢ cent &cent; &#162;
£ pound &pound; &#163;
¥ yen &yen; &#165;
euro &euro; &#8364;
© copyright &copy; &#169;
® registered trademark &reg; &#174;



  • Entity names are case sensitive.
  • If you need to have more than one space in text or somewhere else then you need to use &nbsp; or &#160; because browser remove more then one space. For example if you add three spaces then browser will remove last two spaces and will show only one.


enlightenedTo learn more about entity name, download pdfs from download section.


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