Character Encoding in HTML
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Character Encoding in HTML

Character encoding (character set) in HTML tell the browser which character set to use. It is a method which convert bytes into characters. While working on HTML, you need to choose exact encode type to display the page properly.

The most common character set is ASCII. Initially it was used for HTML document. Later, from HTML2.0 to HTML 4.01 standard was ISO-8859-1. Now for HTML 5 the standard is UTF-8.

UTF-8 solve many character encoding problems.

Character set is used in head tag. Use below syntax to use it in your code-

<meta charset="UTF-8">


enlightenedTo sent URL over internet only ASCII character set is available. If URL contain characters then it replace them with special characters % followed by two hexadecimal digits i.e. space in URL replaces with %20. 



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