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Responsive Web Design using HTML5 and CSS3
IAMAI says 354M (60%) internet users use internet from mobile. So they need a responsive website.
Best to learn for freelancers. 2nd most popular skill to get projects from freelancing websites.
Responsive web designing is most common and asked by Google for better search presence.
About Course

As you know, now days, mobile is about so much more than sending a text message or just calling. We are using smart phones witch increasing functionalities day by day. The Desktop Websites we used to earlier don’t work on mobile devices. So we need a website which can be accessible from any mobile device i.e. Phone, Tablets; along with laptop/desktop.

All the companies are working on RWD and students freelancers are learning to work on RWD. That’s why we introduce our course Responsive Web Design using HTML and CSS. It is a training program that teaches you complete code to design a responsive website. In this course we start from very beginning of HTML, CSS and web design. And at the end of the course you will have very advance knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and responsive web design, and of making a website and live. Along with it all, you will learn how to make updates in a live website.

What will I learn from this course?
In this course you will learn following-
  • You will learn basics of HTML and CSS
  • You will step into advance i.e. HTML5 and CSS3
  • You will learn to design website layout
  • You will learn to design complete website
  • You will learn to make a website responsive
  • You will learn to manage contact form and contact pages
  • You will learn to upload a website on live server
  • You will learn to make a website search engine friendly
  • You will learn to modify live website
  • You will know what should do post completion of this course
Who should join this course?
  • This course is designed for all who are willing to make his career in website designing.
  • If you want to develop your website with zero help from others then the course is best for you.
  • If you want to make you career in IT freelancing then this is hot technology to learn. You can get projects easily.
  • If you are a web designer and want to learn responsive web design then you definitely should go for this course.
  • If you are a programmer and never work on live server then this course will help you to learn how to make and website live and how to modify live website.
  • If you are a web developer and want to know essential necessary points to make a website search engine friendly then the course is for you.
Course certificate
Post completion of this course you will get a certificate instantly.
Introduction to RWD
Responsive web using HTML and CSS
Editors for HTML and CSS
Fundamentals of HTML
HTML Basics
Creating first HTML Page
Using attributes in HTML element
Formatting text in html
Adding an image in web page
Working on Table
Use division instead of table
Use Style with in HTML
CSS Class in head section
Use of JavaScript with in HTML
How to add Comments in HTML
Using List in HTML
HTML Entities and Symbols
Character encoding in HTML
Adding Video in HTML
Integrate YouTube video using Iframe
Adding Audio in HTML
Basics of HTML Form
Using an image for submit button in form
Placeholder vs Value
Know user interest by predefine fields
Working with HTML APIs
Step into HTML5
Introduction to HTML5
Working on New Graphics Elements
Media with HTML 5
New Structurals Element
Design a form using HTML5 elements
New Input Types
Web Page using Semantics
Adding New Element to HTML
Convert a HTML4 Page into HTML5
Understand what CSS is all about
Introduction to CSS
How to use CSS
Class Vs ID
Call to action in CSS
Working with background
Working with size and border
Margin and Padding
Play with text and fonts
Formatting List in CSS
Opacity of any object
Outline in CSS
Display Properties
Formatting Tables
Box Model Concept
Basics of Web Page Layout
Create Web Page Layout
Hover Properties
CSS Combinator
Pseudo Class
Pseudo Element
Design your Header using CSS
CSS Dropdown
Use single image for multiple options
CSS Counter
Working with CSS3
Introduction to CSS3
Rounded Corner
Border Image
Background In CSS3
Use Multiple Columns
New Colors in CSS3
Shadow effects in CSS3
New Text Elements in CSS3
Use your own Fonts
CSS3 Gradients
Transforms in CSS
Transitions in CSS
Apply Animations using CSS
Wrapping CSS
Responsive CSS
Make an image Responsive using CSS
Make an video Responsive using CSS
Start Building Your Website
Getting Your Files Organized
Creating a page and understend Index File
Setting up an External Style Sheet
Adjust Web Page Layout
Formatting Website Header
Adding Web Logo in Header
Using Float and Clear
Inserting and Formating List in Webpage
CSS for Media in Webpage
Inserting and Formating Web Content
Overlapping Content and Transparent Backgrounds
Controlling Graphics with CSS
Add contact us page to your website
Formatting Contact Form
Inserting Google Map to Contact Page
Interlink Webpages
Using Custom Web Fonts
Typographic Treatments With Google Font API
Using CDN in Webpage
Key of Responsive Web Design
Introduction to Responsive Layout
Media Query and Multiple Style Sheet
Media Query in Single CSS File
Responsive CSS
Setting up Retina Display Graphics
Make Your Website Live
Final Touch to Webpages
Uploading on Live Server
Test Live Site
Test Cross Browser Behaviour
Debug Webpages in Firefox
Editing Live Files using FTP
Important to do for Live Website
Optimize your website for Search Engine
BAN Search Engine to Read Your Specific Pages
Submit sitemap of your website for Search Engine
Setup Web Analytics
Advance in Responsive Web Design
Code Yourself
Supported Content Available
12 Week Training
Career Oriented Course
Professional Trainers
Frequently Asked Questions
What If I have any doubt while learning?
You can drop us a query at or can drop us query through contact form.
How do I enroll?
To enroll this course, just scroll down and select type, in which you want to enroll. Proceed with payment method. Post completion of payment method you will get confirmation mail of your enrollment.
How long will I be able to access course content?
Even the course duration is around one month yet you will get the access for 3 months. This time can be extended if you did not complete the course.
Will I be able to do practical?
Yes, you will get an integrated code editor and will code yourself only.
Who will be my instructor?
Your instructors will be Geeksdemy Professionals. All have very good working experience in particular domain.
What If I missed my ILT classes?
In this case, you can learn missed classes in other batch. You will get access for temporary time to complete missed course.
Will I get sample course content without paying an amount?
Definitely you will get it. Before making the payment you can ensure about our course content quality and delivery method. You just need to go to course curriculum and click on preview for particular heading.
What is the process to move from SPL to ILT?
If you want to move from SPL to ILT, email us at
Will I get required software?
To do this course with us, you will not require any software. We will provide an integrated environment for learning and practical. In addition we will provide you all required software if they will be available in open source market.
What if I could not qualify the quizzes?
Quizzes are the knowledge test. If you could not qualify the quiz then you will get change to reattempt.
Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?
No, you can’t cancel the enrollment. If you have not started learning and want to cancel you enrollment, write us at . Our support team will contact you. To know about refund, please read our refund policy.
What are system requirements for this course?
To learn this course you just need a working machine connected to internet. To learn through SPL and ILT you will require at least 512 kbps and 1 mbps internet speed respectively.
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I found this very helpful to learn web design along with uploading my code on server.

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