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Android Application Development
Android global market share in smart phone industry in 82.8% in 2015 and continuously growing.
1.5 million+ Android devices activated everyday and creating huge demand of skilled Android Developers.
As per data, average annual Salary of an Android Developer is $100K.
18 Android Apps are published every second. How many apps have you developed?
About Course

Android has exploded onto the scene, developers are in short supply, and this is where we come in.  It doesn't matter if you're completely new to Android, you'll work through modules from the scratch. Learn  to  develop  applications  in  the  latest  operating  system  with  practical implementation and begin managing your own cool applications like a professional.
What’s more, you can even sell out these applications and earn good money!!
            The key factor that makes Android different from others is the fact that it is open-source; thus allowing you to code your own apps for the platform and to even go on to release them through the Android Market. Keeping in mind the industrial requirement for android developers which is skyrocketing, the customized modules designed by experts to provide participants with the right launch pad to establish themselves as a professional Android Developer.

What are the learning outcomes?
By the end of the course, you will be able to

• Understand the Android Architecture, platform, framework and APIs
• work on Android Studio. This is the most current and up to date tool for Android development.
• Make Interactive User Interfaces
• Comprehend Android application manifest, intents and external resources in addition to the platform's application development lifecycle
• Employ attractive features & functionality in their Apps
• Create various Layouts, widgets and Menus in Android
• Create your Interactive applications with multiple activities including multiple views with audio, video and Database
• Create your customized web browsers and media players
• Use built-in widgets and components
• Work with the data storage and SQLite
• Create Content Provider, Google Maps, Multimedia and Animation, App Exporting
• Take advantage of Asynchronous code, XML parsing, downloading, advanced API usage, and a lot more!
• Develop various applications/projects development on your own
• Test, Debug, Publish and Market your Android Apps in Google Play Store

Although the course has been updated for Android Marshmallow, it also covers Android lollipop features like Material Design (for fantastic graphics and interfaces), AppCompat (to ensure your app works with older versions of Android.
Who could learn App Development from this course?
This course is ideal for every individual who is keen on establishing a career in Android app development. However, this is best suited for:

• Anyone with sheer interest in developing amazing App, an innovative brain and perseverance.
• Freshers willing to start their career in app Development. If you are the one, Java Skills not necessary. Basic knowledge about any programming language will be an advantage
• Aspiring app developers seeking to master app development and gain professional competence.
Why Learn Andorid and App Development?
With over 1.4 billion+ Android devices already activated, Android becoming one of the largest platform and represents an incredible opportunity for Developers. There is a huge demand of skilled Android Developers in all industries.
As Android continues to grow beyond smartphones, There is huge demand of Android Developers in all the industries as you can see every business and product are on smartphone.

Whether you are student or professional, This course will enable you to gain the skills to build awesome apps for smartphones and tablets, and boost you towards exciting opportunities in Android's future.
What projects will you be working on?
During this course, you will develop 20+ different applications project along with;
• Calculator App (All basic calculator functionalities)
• Media Player App (Audio, Video, recording with customized functioning)
• Weather Forecast (temperature, visibility, humidity, Air Quality Index, current conditions and real-time weather update for your location whether you go or add any location)
• Movies App (Build an app to help users discover popular and recent movies. You will build a clean UI, sync to a server, and present information to the user)

Location based Application Implementation : In this application you will;

• Study about GPS and application, investigate their structure and understand concept of GPS system to create useful application based on sending and retrieving GPS data.
• Understand the working of a device with ability to detect location of an object using embedded controller GPS system
• Interface a device with ability to find current location of moving objects and pass that current location to user.
• Develop the capability of these systems to track, and transmitted current location of object in format of latitude and longitude to receiver when receiver retrieve that data.
• Analyze the development functionality of Uber and Ola App

E-commerce App : You will implement the following functionality in your E-Commerce application;

• Knowing when an item was saved or not saved in the shopping cart.
• Consistent layout of product information
• Returning to different parts of the site after adding an item to the shopping cart.
• Easy searching and selecting items in a list.
• Effective categorical organization of products.
• Simple navigation from home page to information and order links for specific products.
• Minimal and effective security notifications or messages.
Do you provide any course completion certificate?
Yes! We offer course completion certificate after you successfully complete the assigned project and training program.
First Step Towards Android: Introduction
What and Why Android?
What Makes Android Different and Better Than Other OS?
Why Android is So Called as Open Source?
What is OHA
Features of Android
Categories of Android Applications
History of Android
What is API Level?
Current Market Scenario of Android
Android Enabled Devices
Android Architecture
The Right Environment
Setting up Android Studio, ADT and Eclipse
Create and Customize Your AVD
Understanding Components of Application
Say Hello to Android (Creating First Android App)
Understanding Anatomy/ Internal Details of an Application
Understanding Activities and Intents
Activity And Activity Lifecycle
Applying Themes And Styles To Activity
Hiding Activity Title
Dialog Window Example
Progress Dialog Example
Intent and It's Type
Communication Between Activities
Calling Built-in Apps
Dealing With Intent Object And Intent Filters
Displaying Notifications
Hands On With UI Designing In Android (Controls-Views,Widgets and Layouts)
Some Basic Views (TextView, ImageView, Button etc.)
Some Picker Views (Date and Time)
Widgets (Toast, Custom Toast, AlertDialog, RatingBar)
Layouts (Linear, Relative, Absolute, Table, List, Grid, Frame, Scroll)
Customization In Layouts
Adapting To Display Orientation
Creating UI Of An Application Via Code
UI Notification Listeners
Dynamic User Interfaces (Concept Of Fragments)
Support For Multiple Screen
Material Design (Animation, Style, Layout, Components, Patterns, Usability)
Menu And Multimedia
Displaying Pictures Via ImageView
Image Switcher
Custom Image View
Using Menus With Views
Option menu, Context menu And Popup menu
Playing Audio With Your Own Media Player
Video View (Video Player)
Recording Media
Web View
Basic Tweening Animation Types
Frame By Frame Animation
Layout Animation
Save Your Record Here
Preferences: Saving, Retrieving, And Loading User Preferences
Saving Data To Files (Dealing With Internal and External Storage)
SQLite: Creating Database And Using It Properly
Add A Value/ Insert New Record
Retrieving All Values
Retrieving A single Value
Updating A Value/ Record
Deleting A Value/ Record
Upgrading The Database
Pre-Creating The Database
Bundling A Database With An Application
Content Providers
Implementing Content Provider
Create Your Own Content Provider And Using It
Sharing Of Data In Android
Predefined Query String Constants
Messaging And Networking
Performing Asynchronous Calls
Accessing Web Services
SMS Messaging (Sending And Receiving Messages Programmatically)
Getting Acknowledgement After Message Sent
sending and Receiving SMS(Message) Using Intent
Updating An Activity From BroadcastReceiver
Invoking An Activity From BroadcastReceiver
Caveats And Warnings
Sending An Email
Networking (Downloading Binary Data, Text Files)
Location Based Services
Monitoring A Location Using GPS and Network
Geocoding And Reverse Geocoding
Getting The Location That Was Touched
Adding Markers
Navigating To Specific Location
Changing Views
Displaying The Zoom Control
Creating Map Project And Displaying Map
Introduction To Google Maps
Developing Android Services
Performing Repeated Tasks In Service
Executing Asynchronous Tasks On Separate Threads Using IntentService
Communicating Between A Service And An Activity
Binding Activities To Services
Create Your Own Services
Performing Long-Running Tasks In A Service
Sensors And Social Media Integration
Sensor And Its Types
Obtaining All Sensor Of Your Device
Sensor Framework
Proximity Sensor
Screen Orientation Detetctor
Gyroscopic Sensor
Detecting Gestures
Social Media Integration (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Web Services
Hitting Web Services
Using Soap Services (XML Pull Parsing, SAX and DOM Parsing)
Using REST Services (JSON, HTML, XML)
Publish Your Application On Play Stores
Debugging With Additional Debugging Tools
Preparing For publishing
Getting A Digital Sign For Your Android Application
Deploying APK Files Using adb.exe Tool And Web Server
Publishing On Android Market
Creating A Developer Profile And Submitting Your Apps
Extra Shots : Happy To Code :)
Android Alarm Service
Android Alert Dialogues
Android Animations
Android Audio Capture
Android AudioManager
Android Auto Complete
Android Best Practices
Android Bluetooth
Android Camera
Android Clipboard
Android Custom Fonts
Android Data Backup
Android Developer Tools
Android Drag and Drop
Android Emulator
Android Facebook Integration
Android Fragments
Android Gestures
Android Google Maps
Android Graphics
Android Image Effects
Android Image Switcher
Android Internal Storage
Android Jet Player
Android JSON Parser
Android Latitude and Longitude
Android Linkedin Integration
Android Loading Spinner
Android Localization
Android Login Screen
Android Media Player
Android Multitouch
Android Navigation
Android Navigation Drawer
Android Network Connection
Android NFC Guide
Android Phone Calls
Android PHP/MySQL
Android Progress Circle
Android Progress Bar
Android Push Notification
Android Render Script
Android RSS Reader
Android Screen Cast
Android SDK Manager
Android Sensors
Android Session Management
Android Shared Preferences
Android SIP Protocol
Android Splash Screen
Android Spelling Checker
Android SQLite Database
Android Support Library
Android TAB
Android Testing
Android Text to Speech
Android TextureView
Android Twitter Integration
Android UI Design
Android UI Patterns
Android UI Testing
Android ViewFlipper
Android Web Services
Android WebView Layout
Android Wi-Fi
Android Widgets
Android XML Parsing SAX,DOM
Android XML PullParser
Interview Preparation
12 weeks
Course Duration
100 Hours
Projects & Assignments
20+ Apps Development
During the Course
24 x 7
Get Certified
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements?
• A PC or a Mac is required to use for development apps
• A real Android device is NOT needed. The course covers, how to use an Android Virtual device (an emulator which runs on your PC or Mac) if you don't have a physical Android device.
How do I enroll for the training?
You can enroll for the online training through our website. You can make online payment using any of the following options:
• Visa/master Credit card
• ATM/Debit Card
• Internet Banking
• Mobile Wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik etc. )

Once the online payment is done, you will automatically receive payment receipt, via email.
How will my course run?
Once you enrol, our counsellor will have a chat with you to discuss your current comfort in programming, your targets/goals for this program (job / entrepreneurship / hobby) and your preferred time availability. Your training sessions will commence after that. You will have 36 hours of online sessions with the instructor, over 20 days (Mon-fri) or 12 week (sat,sun).
Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?
Yes! You can cancel your enrollment. We will provide you complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more, please go through our Refund Policy.
When do my course start?
Sessions normally start every Monday and Saturday. In case there is rush, or if a candidate gets his colleagues together, a new batch can start even on other weekdays / weekends.
When are the classes held and when I will do practicals?
Your live classes will be held on either Weekdays or on Weekends depending on your time availability. In addition to live classes, there will be hands-on assignments and Application development with every module which you can do at your own schedule with the help of our 24x7 expert support team.
During the course, you will develop 20+ different apps that make you enable to implement your cool idea into reality.
Who are the instructors?
Our faculties are well trained professionals, equipped with the latest curriculum and technical knowledge.
How can I request for support?
Practicing is the best way to master any skill and its natural to get stuck when you practice. We acknowledge that and provide you round the clock help. Experts respond to your query at the earliest and guide you through.
As soon as you join the course, the contact details of the support team will be available to you. Just a phone call or a text message or an E-mail will solve the purpose.
What if I have queries after completion of the course?
Once you join the course, your support will be for lifetime. Even after the course completion, you can get back to the support team for any queries that you may have.
How will be assignments and practicals done?
For your practical work, we will help you set-up the environment on your system along with IDE/Android Studio. This will be a local access for you.
I am from Non-IT background, is ‘Android Training’ a right choice?
Yes, definitely. Designing and developing beautiful and fully functional apps for android is a definite skill to have in the 21st century.
Do you provide placement assistance?
Yes! We do. Geeksdemy enjoys strong relationship with multiple staffing companies. Lots of recruitment firms contacts us for our students profiles from time to time. Since there is a big demand for this skill, we help our certified students get connected to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes, work on real life projects and provide assistance for interview preparation. Having said that, please understand that we don't guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the apps; you will have a very good hands on experience to work on Live projects.
Whats your training techniques for this course?
It’s a projects based training focused on “Learn by Doing”, driven by your instructor. This helps you gain the skills faster and better while maintaining the personal touch with the instructor. All relevant course material, assignments, apps exercises will be available to you.
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Awesome course

Love the way of the intraction of the trainer

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